Apparently it’s not enough for the rightwing to champion intelligent design and creationism over evolution in biology. Warren Chisum of the Texas state legislature and head of the appropriations committee recently sent out a memo claiming that the earth stands still, does not spin about its axis, and does not revolve about the sun. Read about it here and here, and see the memo for yourself here. Is this for real? It’s getting more and more difficult for me to be patient with organized religion and the religious. How can people such as this possibly get elected? This has to be a joke.

In the HBO documentary “Friends of God”, the now discredited Haggard, when questioned about the push to legislate Christian morality and the exclusions it is based on, points out that this is simply a matter of making decisions and that when you choose Crest toothpaste you necessarily upset those who like Pepsident. Of course, the fans of Crest don’t actively try to prevent the fans of Pepsident from using their toothpaste of choice, so we might wonder at the legitimacy of this comparison. This sort of faith– and perhaps there are other kinds –is anti-social in that it undermines the possibility of dialog among those who differ so as to maintain its convictions hell or highwater, and leads to destructive irrationalism and bitterly divided factional differences. It’s difficult for me not to desire its disappearance altogether and exceedingly difficult for me to be tolerant when this tolerance generates this sort of lunacy and conflict. The documentary is well worth watching, as is the documentary film Jesus Camp where children are taught to be soldiers, are made to hug a cardboard cut out of George Bush, and where faith is wedded in their training to muscular nationalism. Also worth reading is Jesus Land, where a daughter of extremist evangelicals chronicals her experiences at a Dominican Republic Christian reform school that eventually led to the death of her brother. Of course, a number of Christians aren’t like this… But a number of them are.

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