For those who missed it, last week CNN ran a six hour series on fundamentalist forms of religion throughout the world. Here are some of the clips on Christianity. The other four hours were devoted to Islam and Judaism. I caught the series on television so I haven’t watched the youtube clips myself. I apologize if there are any repeats. The clips on the group “Battlecry” are especially interesting.

You can view the clips:

here (Jimmy Carter),
here (Battlecry),
here (Environmentalism and the NEA),
here (Homeschooling and Battlecry),
here (Battlecry),
here (Battlecry),
here (Church and State, Liberty University),
here (Fallwell, Republican Candidates),
here (Impact on Elections),
here (Lobbyists),
here (Zionist Christians), and
here (Christians for the social gospel. This guy is really interesting).