I have been unable to post much in the last couple of weeks because things have been extremely busy. This last weekend UTA hosted the Religion and Psychoanalysis conference, which, I believe, was a tremendous success. Ken Reinhard gave an outstanding paper on Lacan, sexuation, and political theology, outlining the logic of a feminine politics. I had a terrific time cavorting with Reinhard and discussing the various intricacies of Lacan and Badiou. We took to each other like two old friends, and immediately launched into discussions of the ontological and political implications of Lacanian psychoanalysis, mixed with lots of academic gossip. Based on what I’ve read by him so far, I suspect his book will be a screamer when he finally finishes it. Ellie Ragland gave a daunting yet provocative paper on sexuation and the Islamic veil that had a number of implications beyond this cultural practice itself. It would seem that my paper, “The Other Face of God: Lacan, Theological Structure, and the Accursed Remainder” was very well received though this isn’t for me to say. By the time the two-day conference was over I was bone weary, having spent too much time playing with the other participants. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be any rest for the weary. Tomorrow I get the final proofs for Difference and Givenness, and will have two weeks to read them over and put together an index. As luck would have it, the new Jobs for Philosophers is out, so I will be busy applying for various positions during this time as well. Finally, I have to pull together my paper for Newcastle in December. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to shoot me now. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some thoughts that emerged in response to Ken’s paper in the days to come.