For those of us looking to make some headway through the daunting Capital, via the intrepid, globe trotting N.Pepperell of Roughtheory.

Just stumbled across, which is serialising 13, two-hour lectures from David Harvey, focussed on providing a close reading the first volume of Capital – up to chapter three so far, with chapters 4-6 due online in 6 days.

Now you too can woo, astonish, and intimidate all your theory friends with a precise and detailed grasp of Capital. Hurry fast, as offers are limited. The capacity of the internet to infinitely reproduce video files will soon be exhausted. The first fifty viewers will, in addition, receive a pervasive sense of despair from their new-found understanding of the dynamics of capitalism, amplified by a lack of this knowledge from friends, family, lovers, and elected politicians.

And as if that wasn’t neat enough, the new Firefox 3.0 browser really rocks, so go give it a try.