Jodi Dean weighs in on The New Republic discussion:

Larval Subjects has some interesting posts on the New Republic attack piece on Zizek (he also has some links to other pieces in a similar vein that I haven’t looked at yet). My two cents: the NR piece relies on tactics standard in any attack on Zizek–emphasize singular points taken out of context. The primary orientation of the piece is liberal outrage such that anything critical of liberalism is by definition totalitarian and wrong (as clear an indication of the liberal-democratic denkverbot as I’ve ever seen, all the way to the endorsement of Arendt’s notion of totalitarianism). Is there anything, then, worth taking seriously? Perhaps.

First, I don’t think the best way to read Zizek is as an ironist (contra Sinthome).I think it’s important to read him as literally as possible, recognizing the breadth of his examples and illustrations. Another way to put it: when Zizek uses an obscene illustration, he means the obscenity as an obscenity. Part of the challenge of current conditions is the difficulty in finding something really obscene and having it be recognized.

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