Graham Harman, author of The Prince of Networks, Tool-Being, and Guerilla Metaphysics has now founded a blog entitled Object-Oriented Philosophy. It’s good to see one who has written so much about networks, vicarious causality, and the plasma of being putting his money where his mouth is and starting a blog. In this respect, Graham obeys the famous Principle of Reality, recognizing that the more differences one produces, the more real one is. He’s a bit embarrassed by his lack of technological know-how at this point, but following Latour’s Principle, he’ll need to involve himself in some translations for his transportations. We’ve all been there, in that stage of translation, and those of us in the theory blogosphere are all about translation with respect to both the technology we use and are always learning about, and the aleatory encounters from a variety of different disciplines, walks of life, projects, and theoretical orientations that we encounter, as if by miracle. Indeed, we have opened ourselves up to rife translation and to the process of translating. Give Graham some love and visit his very aesthetically pleasing blog. It wouldn’t hurt to poke some fun at him for his technical ineptitude. Let a thousand assemblages bloom! Oh, and Graham you’re free to refer to me as a “bastard!” if you like. In a friendly way, of course!