Written with his characteristic brilliance, incisiveness, wit, and analytic acumen, Shaviro has a fantastic post discussing Graham’s object-oriented philosophy and his own positions emerging out of Whitehead, Kant, and Deleuze. Seriously, read this post. Shaviro, much to my ire, nicely puts his finger on what I’m gropingly trying to articulate. Bastard!

Kvond, in a way I find unrecognizable to the central claims of Graham’s thought, levels a series of criticisms against Graham’s object-oriented philosophy (here, here, and here). It is difficult to see how Graham can be guilty of the sort of optical fallacy Kvond attributes to him when Graham’s objects are infinitely withdrawn or vacuum packed. Kvond also riffs on Reid’s post responding to my version of object-oriented philosophy.

Mikhail over at Perverse Egalitarianism takes me to task for not providing arguments, introduces the Downer Principle to defend philosophical tradition, and compliments me for at least making poetic pronouncements.