The link here will lead you to a debate between Christopher Hitchens and five believers on whether the Christian God exists. If the debate is unbelievably pathetic and sad, then this is because here we have, in addition to Hitchen, five “adults” who seem present the most idiotic and cynical arguments possible in defense of their belief. After presenting a series of standard theological arguments revolving around teleology, the ontological argument, the cosmological arguments, etc. (arguments that deductively and inductively are actually pretty good, though still, I believe, weak), they then move on to entirely cynical arguments of the sort that “people not as smart as Hitchens need these things to be true, or that that the naturalist cannot ground morality.” These arguments are cynical because they effectively say that people need this belief even if it isn’t true. Around minute 65 in the debate the gentleman to the right of Hitchens goes on a long tirade against Hitchen’s naturalistic position, claiming that the naturalist has no way of denouncing the Holocaust, the Inquisition, Aztec sacrifice, etc. Why is it so difficult, I wonder, for believers such as this to get the virtue ethics (“virtue” coming not from the idea of repression, but from the striving for excellence and flourishing, arete) idea that we are capable of evaluating those behaviors, forms of society, and activities that promote human harmony and flourishing for us and those forms of activity that cause massive suffering and horrors? Why is it so difficult to discern that psychologically we don’t want the latter and that we don’t need any transcendent criteria to discover this? Given that Hitchens has unwisely chosen to endlessly enter into debates like this, it comes as no surprise that he is an obnoxious drunk. One can only suffer fools and idiotic arguments so much. Intelligent and sophisticated believers, please rise up and find a way of preventing idiots such as these from representing you. They tarnish all of you and cannot be ignored or dismissed because they are capable of mobilizing massive voting blocks and enacting crazy legislation. Make your voices heard… Please!