Now that I’ve finally completed all my grading, I can relax and enjoy my Summer:

Publication Projects

Write my second book, Being and Difference: An Essay in Object-Oriented Ontology, which develops a number of the claims I’ve been developing here under the title of “Onticology”.

Complete my contribution for The Speculative Turn anthology on the Ontic Principle.

Chase down the contributors to The Speculative Turn, edit their work, and get’er done.

Write an article for the Deleuze and Ethics anthology coming out with Edinburgh University Press on Deleuze’s ethics of the event, showing how this account of the ethical provides a strong alternative to deontological and utilitarian ethical theories, based on problems rather than generalized rules. Unfortunately James Williams has taken some of the wind out of my sails on this with his extremely interesting and generally excellent study of Deleuze’s Logic of Sense.

Write the author’s response to the reviews of my book.

Write a review of Hoy’s book on temporality.


Learn Category Theory through Lawvere and Schanuel’s excellent and highly accessible Conceptual Mathematics.

Read Badiou’s Logics of Worlds and find something in it to complain about.

Give Graham’s Guerilla Metaphysics the second close reading it deserves.

Finish reading the Brassier books I’ve started.

Finally get around to reading Iain Hamilton Grant’s book on Schelling.


Teach two sections of Intro to Philosophy. I am seriously praying this doesn’t happen.

What’s on your plate this Summer?