I find it interesting how substantially my diet changes once the weather gets hot here in Texas. Suddenly I find myself craving light fare that is also very spicy. At any rate, here’s a typical Summer dish. If you’re really nice I might even share my spicy salmon dish in the future.

Jerk shrimp and chicken on skewers. Use Walkerswood wet rub if you can find it. I can’t recommend this stuff highly enough, though don’t use too much as it can seriously hurt you! It’s not a bad idea to make a sour cream, mayo, lemon, horseraddish dip to cool it off. I love hot but this is dangerous stuff. Don’t marinate for more than an hour!

Mango Salsa. This has become a staple of my summer diet over the last few years and is an excellent substitute for salad. I make it with a diced mango, a small diced red onion, half a diced large cucumber, a minced jalapeno, a quarter cup of cilantro, and a lime squeezed over top of it. Season it with salt and pepper to taste. This is good with just about anything, but I often serve it with spicy seafood dishes and chicken.

Caribbean bread. This stuff is ridiculously good and I like the whole concept of grilling bread.

Refried black beans on the side.