Given that the Supreme Court has told us that corporations are persons, wouldn’t it be great if they were really treated like persons before the law? Take the British Petroleum oil spill. Given that 11 people died in this disaster, shouldn’t BP be brought up on manslaughter or second degree murder charges? And like others that are found guilty of second degree murder or manslaughter, shouldn’t BP be sent to jail? Here I’m not talking about sending the CEOs to jail, but the corporation itself. Like the Geico car insurance commercials where there’s the little bundle of money with eyes that look at you, we could place some sort of certificate representing the corporation in a jail cell for the duration of its term. During this time, all business activities, stock trading of the company stock, etc., would be completely halted. Perhaps BP would be in jail for 40 years, and during this time all of its business would be completely suspended. After all, that’s what happens to others when they go to jail. And wouldn’t this lead corporations to make greater consideration of the public good and welfare?

And while we’re at it, we need a new set of laws revolving around “ecocide”. Ecocide consists in the murder of irreplaceable ecological systems. This is certainly what is now unfolding in the gulf. Shouldn’t the Bill of Rights be expanded to include ecological systems and animals? When you really begin to think about it, it’s bizarre that anyone can own the land.