For those who are interested, here’s the table of contents for The Democracy of Objects:


Introduction: Towards a Finally Subjectless Object

1. Grounds for a Realist Ontology

1.1. The Death of Ontology and the Rise of Correlationism

1.2. Breaking the Correlationist Circle

1.3. The Onto-Transcendental Grounds of Experimental Activity

1.4. Objections and Replies

1.5. Origins of Correlationism: Actualism and the Epistemic Fallacy

1.6. On the Alleged Primacy of Perception

2. The Paradox of Substance

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Aristotle, Substance, and Qualities

2.3. The Paradox of Substance

3. Virtual Proper Being

3.1. The Mug Blues

3.2. Deleuze’s Schizophrenia: Between Monism and Pluralism

3.3. Virtual Proper Being

3.4. The Problem With Rabbits and Hats

3.5. Žižek’s Objecting Objects

4. The Interior of Objects

4.1. The Closure of Objects

4.2. Interactions Between Objects

4.3. Autopoietic and Allopoietic Objects

4.4. Translation

4.5. Autopoietic Asphyxiation: The Case of the Lacanian Clinic

5. Regimes of Attraction, Parts, and Structure

5.1. Constraints

5.2. Parts and Wholes: The Strange Mereology of Object-Oriented Ontology

5.3. Temporalized Structure and Entropy

6. Flat Ontology

6.1. Two Ontological Discourses: Lacan’s Graphs of Sexuation and Two Ways of
Thinking Being

6.2. The World Does Not Exist

6.3. Being is Flat

Conclusion: A Democracy of Object