So it looks like I’m not in Philadelphia today after all. After getting to DFW around 10am, we ended up sitting on the runway for two hours before the Captain told us that the plane was having technical difficulties. They then let us off the plane for lunch and we boarded another plane. After sitting on that plane for three hours, the same thing happened once again and they told us that the flight was canceled. Consequently, it looks like we’ll be doing the same thing all over tomorrow. Nonetheless, for a three year old Elizabeth was amazing. We played tic tac toe (she kicked my butt again and again) and I taught her rock, scissors, paper, which she enjoyed tremendously. There were only a couple of accidents– hey, she’s three –but otherwise there was no crying and she seemed to be having the time of her life. Right now I’m imagining that I’m in the tropics (or, at least, Key West… one of my favorite places in the world) and that we’re feeding large, colorful tropical fish with cat food (that’s how you feed’em in the lagoon behind my grand parent’s place). As a pseudo-intellectual I always am a bit embarrassed that I love the sub- and tropical regions of the world so much. Somehow it seems scandalous. My other love is New England… All those lichen covered rocks, that colonial architecture, those hills, and colors. If you ever have the chance, it’s absolutely necessary to spend Thanksgiving and Halloween in New England. But then, I’m partial as my love literally resides in Connecticut and Vermont. Nonetheless, there’s something profound in a heat and humidity that completely embraces you when you walk into it, taking your breath away like a bitter arctic cold (New England produces a similar love in me). In such places you inhabit the environment rather than owning it. Your moods, appetites, and movement are thoroughly subordinated to this strange fauna. You have to, as the young’uns say these days, roll with it.

The upside is that I got to go back through Bogost’s Unit Operations, ironically (those who have read it will understand), while waiting on the tarmac. Intellectually I don’t think I was prepared for it a year or two ago when I first read it. I had forgotten how brilliant this little book is. Everyone should be reading it.