This Fall, for my Introduction to Philosophy and Introduction to Ethics courses, I’ll be using Peter Singer’s Ethics (Oxford Readers), and David E. Cooper’s Metaphysics: The Classic Readings. Cooper’s book is a little less robust than I would like it to be, but I’m excited that it has a number of selections from Asian philosophy and I’ll probably supplement the Intro to Philosophy course with Harman’s Prince of Networks and assorted readings from Plato and others available online. I’m especially excited, however, by Singer’s book. There’s a whole selection devoted to issues in primate ethics, which will give me the opportunity to think about ethics outside a human context. Additionally, there are all sorts of selections from Asian thought as well as Christian and Judaic religious writings. The only additional thing I could ask for would be some selections from Islamic religious thought, but then again that might not play so well in Texas. It should be a fun semester.