I just saw the cover designs for The Democracy of Objects and the OHP New Metaphysics Series. I won’t post them yet as I don’t know if I’m allowed to, but they are absolutely gorgeous! I’m not sure if Tammy Lu has read portions of TDO, but she’s perfectly captured the spirit and thesis of the book. You can get a sense of the design here. If you browse her blog you’ll get a sense of what the designs will look like. They’re unlike any other books out there… Real works of art. Everything is beginning to feel real.

In other news, I will be sending the remainder of edited articles out for The Speculative Turn tomorrow or Thursday. The articles for this collection are outstanding. Up next is the co-authored book with Bogost on McLuhan, another edited collection devoted to object-oriented ontology, and yet another edited collection with Edinburgh University Press on Deleuze and things. No rest for the weary!