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Systematized Objects: the other “world” literature [systems theory, ANT, OOO, assemblages, posthumanism, extended mind]

Seminar Organizer: Meredith A. Farmer, UNC Chapel Hill; David J. Baker, UNC Chapel Hill
Currently, a number of analysts are thinking about what constitutes, assembles, or traces “objects. ” While Bruno Latour (2005), Manuel DeLanda (2006), Andy Clark (2008), Graham Harman (2009), and Cary Wolfe (2010), et al. might not agree on what objects “are,” they’re all interested in shifting away from the transcendental ego in ways that evade the  ”modern constitution” or the “bifurcation of nature.”  And we’re interested in how this move — and all its concomitant effects — might influence not literary theory, but literary criticism.  This will be a workshop.  Participants should have work in progress (at any stage of completion) that puts ideas found in work ranging from systems theory and complex adaptive systems to Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) to work in conjunction with works of literature.  We invite you to outline your project and then – just as importantly – to explain why you find work on systems or networks to be useful for literary criticism.  Presentations will be brief (12-15 minutes), and we’ll plan to spend at least as much time discussing as listening.  Our goal is for each participant to get substantial feedback on developing, groundbreaking work from others working in these areas.  If something congeals, we may also consider producing a collaborative essay or a proposal for a collection.