I’m heading off to California on Tuesday afternoon to present at the UCLA Hello, Everything: Speculative Realism and Object-Oriented Ontology symposium and the Claremont Metaphysics and Things symposium. There’s been a slight change of plan. Rather than presenting on sexuation, ontotheology, and Lacanian sexuation, I’ll be giving a talk entitled “On the Reality and Construction of Hyperobjects with Reference to Class” that revises and deepens the discussion of class that I’ve been developing here on the blog (the sexuation issues were just too complicated for the time allotted). At Claremont I’ll be giving a talk on Derrida and OOO entitled “The Time of the Object: Towards the Ontological Grounds of Withdrawal” that draws on Derrida’s concepts of differance and trace to make a case for withdrawal. If anyone is interested in seeing the papers I’d be happy to share so long as you promise not to distribute them.

In other news, I’ve been writing everything these days in a program called LaTex. It’s more complicated than a word processing program (a bit like writing in hypertext), but if you can figure it out your documents come out looking absolutely gorgeous, like journal articles.