Looking for that perfect gift for that difficult to buy for friend or family member? Do you have a nine year old in your life who’s full of wonder and doesn’t seem to like toys? How about an aunt that works in the field of nursing? What about an uncle that builds ships in Virginia. Perhaps your partner is tired of the usual trinkets you buy him or her. Well look no further, The Speculative Turn has finally been released! This book is sure to be the perfect gift for that difficult to buy for person. Were you perhaps considering the gift of lingerie? Lingerie is so passe and is vaguely insulting and sexist as it suggests the gift is more for you than your partner. But the brain, the brain, is the sexiest organ of all and The Speculative Turn is sure to stimulate. Imagine the delight on your partner’s face when they open such a gift! Da Beers couldn’t do better with a diamond, and you won’t have to worry whether you’re contributing to warfare, slavery, and blood diamonds. Even better, for those persnickety ecological friends and relatives. Aren’t they always the most sanctimonious pain in the ass, pointing out the ecological cost of every gift and forcing you to eat nut loaf as a main course at the Yule meal? The Speculative Turn will soon be available for free in online in .pdf form. Imagine your smug delight when they open your gift and are unable to indulge their ecological jouissance by giving you a lecture. Indeed, the book is even highly relevant to ecological thought! While you’ll still have to burn some fossil fuels to download your copy, you won’t be killing trees or burning as many fossil fuels (the cost of transporting all that wood, transforming it into paper, and then shipping the book). So run, not walk, to your nearest Re.Press link and order your copy today!