I’m completely embarrassed writing about this on my blog, but I’m seriously thinking about taking up a martial art. The reason for this is not that I want to be a kick-ass super-ninja (though that might be kinda cool), but because 1) Dallas, being the car culture it is, does not provide me with enough exercise, 2) my triglycerides are elevated and I need to get some sort of physical activity, 3) my medication leaves me with an incredible amount of fatigue requiring a nap almost daily, 4) I just can’t motivate myself to go to the gym (it seems senseless to just go there and walk away and maybe the transference to an instructor would motivate me), and 5) I’m a total idiot where bodily intelligence is concerned so maybe such activity would improve that (can old dogs learn new tricks?). A martial art seems like it would solve all these problems. The thing is, I have no idea what to look for or what I should be pursuing (how do you choose a school?) and I wonder whether this is only something kids do. Do adults really take these sorts of classes? And if I go to one of these places will I find myself surrounded by a bunch of militant fascists? Any advice?