In case anyone mentioned it, Thomas Meli and I, after a rather rocky start, have really had a rather stellar discussion (starting here) about ecology and what ecology is about. Tom really practices what he preaches both in terms of ecology and literature, opening himself up to dialogical interaction with alterity or what Morton calls “strange strangers” and entering into becoming in those relations and interactions. Good ecological thinking– and I believe all my thought, for a long time, has been moving towards a particular conception of the ecological –should be premised on the status of entities as strange strangers, the manner in which they are pervaded by potentialities, and the manner in which they become otherwise as a result of entering into new and different fields of relations. Good ecological thought is the willingness to undergo adventures of becoming as a result of encounters with alterity and the refusal to reduce beings to thought. From Tom I take the lesson of better clarifying just what I have in mind by “black ecology”, to emphasize that I’m not rejecting the homeostatic but emphasizing that there’s nothing inherently natural about homeostasis, and to emphasize that I do indeed recognize the importance of the homeostatic and both our stake in this and the stake of other lifeforms. Being the dark, pessimistic, and person attracted to the creepy and strange that I am, I sometimes overemphasize the pessimistic and dark. For me that’s not really the point, though. What I wish to see is a framework that refuses the deify and trust and providence, that recognizes the brutality (and beauty) of the world, and that rises to the occasion of setting aims for itself. I look forward to more discussions with Tom.