I just received my copy of Deleuze and Ethics edited by Nathan Jun and Daniel W. Smith, published by University of Edinburgh Press. My article, “The Ethics of the Event: Deleuze and Ethics Without Arche” is the second in the collection. I haven’t had the opportunity to look at the others yet, but it looks like an excellent collection. There are contributions from Jeff Bell, Laura Cull, Erinn Gilson, Nathan Jun, Eleanor Kaufman, Dan Smith, Kenneth Surin, Anthony Uhlmann, James Williams, And Audrone Zukauskaite.

In my piece, I try to argue that ethics belongs to the domain of the “problematic”. Rather than seeing ethics as the domain of rules and norms that allow us to evaluation actions in advance according to prescriptive criteria, I instead try to conceptualize ethics as the inventiveness called for in response to problematizing events. Problematizing events take place when new actants or agencies appear within collectives, disturbing the relations that structure those collectives and calling for the invention of new forms of relating. Ethical thinking is, in my view, that moment of inventiveness. The article doesn’t quite go as far as I would like, but it’s a start.