H/T to Morton

The Third Object-Oriented Ontology Symposium,
The New School, September 14, 2011

9:45–10:00 Welcome/Introduction
McKenzie Wark

10:00–11:00 Graham Harman, “The Four Most Typical
Objections to OOO”
Aaron Pedinotti, “Occasions, Decisions, and the
Given: Some Remarks on the Technical
Underpinnings of the Harman–Shaviro Debate”
(Ken Wark, moderator)

11:00–11:30 Break

11:30–12:30 Steven Shaviro, “Panpsychism And/Or
McKenzie Wark, “P(OO): Praxis (object-oriented)”
(Katherine Behar, moderator)

12:30–2:30 Luncheon w/ Jane Bennett (hosted by Carin Kuoni)
Ken Wark and the Vera List Center for Art and

2:30–3:30 Shannon Mattern, “Everything is Infrastructure”
Levi Bryant, “Strange Substances: On the Nature
of Objects”
(Eugene Thacker, moderator)

3:30–4:00 Break

4:00–5:00 Tim Morton, “Objects, Aesthetics, Causality”
Mabel Wilson, “Object Lesson — A Pedagogy for
Teaching Architects”
(moderator TBA)


6:00–8:00 Opening, And Another Thing exhibition,
Co-curated by Katherine Behar and Emmy
The James Gallery, CUNY Graduate Center