If there is one thing I aspire to in my inner life it is to live without fear or shame. I’m not suggesting that I actually accomplish this, but it is something I strive to accomplish. The fear and shame I’m talking about, in particular, is the fear andnshame of our own ideas and values. So many of us whittle away at out thoughts in private, or cannot manage to whittle at all, because we are ashamed of our ideas, because we fear others will reject them, that others will mock us, that we’re not original, that we haven’t read enough, and so on. It’s a horrible way to live and experience ourselves. I aspire to be absolutely nude. This is not because I believe my ideas are original, that they are great, that I have read enough, and so on. No, it’s because this is all that I am. I can’t be otherwise than what I am and think except through processes of becoming and I can’t become without going throu that process. As Hegel said “fear of error is error itself”, and as Lacan repeated “le non-duped-pere” (a particularly nice formulation as it captures both the necessity of erring, the folly of striving “not to be duped”, and how all of this is attached to belief in master-figures or fathers without lack (transference). You can’t do anything before you do it (belief that you can is the disease of all foundationalist aspirations), but must traverse in order to do anything. Fear of error is error itself.