My own compulsions, tenacious in argument where I just won’t let it go, my tendency to over explain appearing like I’m lecturing the other person and think they’re stupid. Not getting enough sleep. Authoritarians that place leaders and prestigious figures over principles and good arguments. Cruelty. Stepping on beetles by mistake when I walk out on my patio (they weren’t doing anything). Bureaucrats. Rubrics. People who use words like “rubrics” as if they enhance things. People who think they’re entitled when they haven’t put in the effort. People who believe in rank not contributions. People who hate others based on race, gender, etc. People who think the truth is dangerous like advocates of abstinence only education. Fighting with others. Misunderstandings. My tendency to project and assume. Those that don’t think the world is enough but that it needs an otherworldly supplement. Consumer capitalism. The fact that I enjoy consumer capitalism. Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh. Censorship in schools. Those that suggest that Enlightenment is responsible for the Holocaust, Gulags, and the ravages of technology and capitalism rather than human ego, continuing mythology, racism, nationalism, and greed. Adverserial, combative, confrotational, and unctious people. Testosterone fueled academia in the humanities. Difficulty in seeing the circumstances of other people that might render their actions rational. Hurtfulness. The indifference and cruelty that the inability to see context engenders in others. Cliches. Self-destructiveness. The inability for us to collectively act on climate change even though it’s in our self-interest. Men that kick down the sand castles that others build on the beach for no reason. Enslaving others through the creation of economic debt. That I don’t have more time to garden. Partisanship and misguided loyalty. The belief that one’s discipline is the foundation of all others and disdain/contempt for other disciplines. Contempt. Legalism. Selfishness. Sarcasm. The absence of sincerity. Those that are motivated by their resume rather than love of what they do. Classism. Elitism. Failure to recognize how one has benefitted by their privilege and connections, believing one is self-made. And, again, not getting enough sleep.