All I have really wished to say, I think, when evoking the term “object” or “thing”, is that beings are differance. This is the sense of the distinction between virtual proper being and local manifestation. As Jean-Luc Nancy so nicely puts it, “being is or entrances the existent” (The Sense of the World, 27). Or again,

…that which is neither property nor a substance– the act or as-act of being-as-act –cannot be produced. Nor does it produce itself, not having the resources of a subject (for it is an agent, identical with its action, not a subject). It “is produced” in the remarkable sense of “taking place,” “happening”… “[C]reation deconstructed yeilds the being-as-act of existence, along with its differance.” (27 – 8)

Differance is the simultaneous coming-to-presence of beings and their withdrawal. It is the deferral of presence and presencing. And this is precisely what the relation between virtual proper being and local manifestation is. Things are these processes of differance. Beings are like blooming flowers, yet are blooms that always hold themselves in reserve, such that there will never be any final presence, completion, or parousia. And this differance has no need of God or a subject to take place. Being blooms in and of its own accord. Nor is there any eschatology, teleology, or final point where being coincides with itself, exhausting withdrawal.