Given some remarks I’ve encountered in email and conversations, some people seem to be reluctant to contribute to the first issue of O-Zone because they think they have nothing to say about nature. We understand the term “ecology” in a very broad way. For us, nature or green ecology is only a subset of ecological thought. By ecology we mean networks of interacting objects or objects in assemblages of relations. Thus, for example, Latour’s analysis of the laboratory in Science in Action would be an example of an ecological analysis. Likewise, there is an ecological dimension to Freud’s thought in the way he theorizes psyche in terms of the family setting. Likewise, in the first chapter of Technics and Time Stiegler presents us with a profoundly ecological picture of technology through examining how various technologies interact with one another and generate techical systems that cause the emergence of problems internal to the technical system playing a role in how technical systems evolve over time. So if you want to contribute to O-Zone but feel you have nothing to say about nature ecology, rest assured that you don’t have to discuss green ecology for this issue!