It looks like the first few months will be pretty hectic and exciting. On March 9 and 10 I will be giving a keynote address at Louisiana State’s annual philosophy conference. It’s likely I’ll give an introduction to onticology. Between June 25 and 27 I’ll be giving a plenary talk at the 5th Annual Deleuze Studies conference in New Orleans. I plan to discuss Deleuze’s transcendental aesthetics and the interior of objects. From there I’ll fly to Liverpool to give a keynote talk for the Thinking the Absolute: Speculation, Philosophy, and the End of Religion conference. I’m still deciding whether to go a more ontological route outlining some elements that would have to characterize a genuine object-oriented theology (no transcendent God, only an immanent God insofar as such ontotheological transcendence erases the dignity of objects, and no designer but only immanent interactions among objects without goal or telos) or whether to go a more sociological route, contesting the tendency of the new atheists to focus on religious beliefs, ignoring networks of power structured around objects and rituals that produce certain forms of affectivity, obedience to authority and doxa, cognition, etc. (i.e., religious practice is less about beliefs– the Catholic church could continue just fine for centuries without the lay being able to understand mass or the Bible readings because they were in Latin –and more about networks of human bodies, rituals, various religious objects such as incense, organ music, robes, hats, pews, etc). From there I’ll be hopping over to the Independent College in Dublin to give a talk on Lacan, Sexuation, and the possibility of a posthumanist Lacan opened up by the feminine side of the graph of sexuation. A couple of other places have expressed an interest in me coming to speak, following Dublin, but we haven’t pinned things down yet.

For those who have been on the lookout for The Democracy of Objects, it should be coming very soon. The editorial team at OHP has received the upload from Amazon and just has to make a couple adjustments. I have really been stunned and gratified by the amount of work the volunteer team at OHP has put into this, striving to get things perfect at each stage of development.

O-Zone is coming along exceptionally well and we’re already receiving submissions. We’ve also lined up an amazing team of first round contributors. I expect the first issue will be very exciting. If you’re considering contributing, remember that we understand the term “ecology” very broadly and that we also accept submissions not related to the theme of the issue. If you have something thing- or object-oriented laying it around, show it to us! Also, we accept submissions of art and video presentations.

Finally, check out these two great links. Kris Coffield is developing a fascinating object-oriented theory of fictions over at Fractured Politics. He’s light-years beyond anything I’ve said on these issues, and I cannot wait to see books and/or articles by him developing this vector of thought. Also check out this contribution to the discussion of myth and Enlightenment over at Intra-Being.