I guess I’m “on tour” for the next few months:

* Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Philosopher’s Rally, “A Logic of Multiplicities: Deleuze, Immanence, and Onticology”, April 15th – 20th. I’ll also be teaching a class on onticology and conducting a roundtable with Didier Debaise.

* New Orleans, Deleuze Camp, 3 day class, “Space, Territory, and Aesthetics”. Readings: “Of the Rhizom”, “Becoming-Animal”, “The Smooth and the Striated”, “Nomadology”. June 18 – 22.

* New Orleans, Deleuze Studies Conference, “Machinic Objects: Deleuze and Onticology”, June 25th.

* Liverpool Hope University, Thinking the Absolute, Keynote Address, “Of a God That Is Withdrawn”. June 29 – July 1st.

* Independent College, Dublin, “Two Ontologies: Lacan, Posthumanism, and Sexuation”, July 2nd – 4th.

* Space Art Gallery, London, “Transcendental Aesthetics and Onticology”, July 5th.