One of the things I love about evolutionary theory is just how sexy or erotic it is. From evolutionary you learn just what sexy beasts there are out there in the world. It really ticks me off when people characterize the core idea of evolution as “survival of the fittest“. That’s not true at all. The core of evolutionary theory is survival of the sexiest! Evolution is at the behest not of survival, but of reproduction. If survival is a value at all within an evolutionary framework, then it’s because it allows critters to stick around enough and get fat enough to get it on. The important thing is getting it on.

Now from a cost/benefit, caloric point of view, the sexiness of animals is wild. In final analysis, the worth of an adaptation is a matter of calories. Is this adaptation– say large brains, heavy armor, being awake all the time, movement, etc. –a good pay-off for the amount of calories required for the organism to maintain and use these adaptations? And what never ceases to amaze me is just how many calories organisms use in the name of being sexy. Take the marvelous bird of paradise. Look at all the calories these birds of paradise expend on cleaning up their dance stage, their songs, their dances, and their costumes. I think it’s wonderful that we live in a universe where creatures devote so much energy to love and being sexy. That’s all I have to say. Watch the clips below.