A common question arises with respect to OOO:  Does OOO have an ethics.  My initial response to this question is perplexity.

Well yeah, sure, OOO has an ethics.  Why wouldn’t it?  As a person I clearly make value judgments and think some things are right and wrong.  Why would that somehow change with OOO?  Do you think we’re saying that you should allow the shark to eat your child?

So I’ll keep this post very short as I’m really interested in hearing from all of you.  Here are a few things that occur to me:

1)  What is it about OOO that prompts this question?  Lurking in the question “does OOO have an ethics?” I hear the unarticulated worry that somehow OOO precludes an ethics.  What assumption is being made that might lead to this worry?

2)  Or maybe it’s that people think that OOO should generate a new ethics.  What is it about OOO that would lead us to think about ethical issues differently?

3)  What are the conditions for having an ethics?  Sometimes I get the sense that folks think that OOO fails to meet the conditions for having an ethics.  This worry seems based on an idea of what an ethics must be.  So what is the conception of what an ethics must be that OOO is supposed to meet?

I stop at these questions and hopefully others will be so kind as to say a word or two about their thoughts on these issues.