For anyone who is interested, here’s the text for my talk on flat ethics at UTA this Thursday: bryantutaflatethics.  I do not yet arrive at any determinate positions regarding flat ethics, but do feel that I’m getting a better sense of what a flat ethics might be and what problems or ethical questions it might generate.  There’s also a sneak peak at the revised ontology of machines I’m developing for Onto-Cartography:  An Ontology of Machines and Media here.  The concept of machines is far more elaborate than is suggested in this text (the chapter on Machines takes up around 60 pages in Onto-Cartography), but this gives a sense of what I’m getting at.  I’ve found the concept of machines to be extremely productive for analytic purposes, leading to a whole host of interesting questions and analyses of the various different types of objects of the world.  I’ve also introduced incorporeal machines into my ontology, much to my surprise.  In the paper above you’ll find discussions of flat ontology, ethical machines, why I think humanist critiques of OOO and flat ontology are misguided,  anthropocentric flat ethics, and posthumanist flat ethics.  At any rate, I’d love to hear what others think.