A busy few weeks ahead of me.

On November 6th, I’ll be giving a talk at Brown University entitled “Machinic Ontology” around 7 PM.  I’m not sure whether this event is open to the public or not, so I’ll give an update once I have more information.  The following night I’m doing a round-table with the English graduate students, responding to questions about The Democracy of Objects.

On November 14th, I’ll be giving a talk at The Artist’s Institute (affiliated with Hunter College) in New York entitled “Difference Engines”, in conjunction with an exhibition of the work of artist Haim Steinbach.  I’m particularly excited about this trip as I’ll get to see Reza Negerastani speak the next day.

On December 6th I’ll be heading to Rice University to talk to Cary Wolfe’s class.  The next day I’ll be giving a talk entitled “Machinic Ethology” that discusses the machinic ontology I’m developing and the role that Bogost’s alien phenomenology, Luhmann’s second-order observation, and von Uexkull’s ethology plays in the project of onto-cartography.  Again, I’m not sure whether this second event will be open to the public.

It’s been an insane, but very good year.  Not only was The Democracy of Objects released, but I gave 17 talks, including three keynote addresses and a plenary.  Now I just need to finish Onto-Cartography:  Machinic Ontology and Media Ecology.  At present I’m four chapters in and nearly finished with part 1.  That leaves two more parts to complete by the end of January.