Some of you have been complaining about your comments not being posted.  My comment policy is simple:  if your comments are rude, sarcastic, snarky, accusational, or insulting they don’t get posted.  It has nothing to do with not tolerating disagreement.  If you poke around the blog you’ll find plenty of disagreements, often very heated.  It has everything to do with incivility.  It’s always boys that behave this way in their comments.  They behave like obnoxious, insulting idiots, and then when they’re comments are rejected they say “you can’t tolerate debate!”, blind to all of the debates that have taken place on this blog.  Sorry, the problem is obnoxious, insulting attitudes.  If you want to debate, be civil.  If not, go to hell.  If you want your comments posted, keep them civil and don’t accuse the participants on the blog of being stupid, ignorant, or of wanting to eat babies.  It’s not hard and it’s entirely possible to articulate a disagreement without being disagreeable.  Life’s too short to deal with those lacking in civility and who don’t address others with dignity and respect.  The basic lesson is don’t be a masculinist, ape-like, asshole.