kittensSo I guess that Alexander Galloway has a piece in Critical Inquiry calling for SR/OOO theorists to stop eating kittens.  Apparently he arrives at the conclusion that we’re all kitten eaters and supporters of all that is egregious about capitalism because some of us make the claim that political claims and ontological claims are distinct kinds of claims and that we should be able to talk about the being of jellyfish and be committed to their existence without immediately jumping into a discussion of the politics of discourses about politics.  As can be seen, such a claim immediately entails that one nihilistically endorses the capitalistic exploitation of humans, the planet, and indeed, the very destruction of the two.  I think this is all confused silliness, of course, but if you’re interested in some good reasons to his article see here, here, and here.  I’d say more, but I’m busily eating my midnight snack of live kittens, while doing bourgeois set theory and plotting the capitalist prevention of any emancipation.