For anyone who’s interested, here’s the table of contents for Onto-Cartography.  I’m about 2/3rds of the way through editing it and should, with luck, send it to Edinburgh this week.


Introduction:  For a Renewed Materialism

Part I.  Machines

1.         Towards a Posthuman Media Ecology

1.1.      Common Prejudices About Machines

1.2.      Varieties of Machines

1.3.      Posthuman Media Ecology

2.         What is a Machine?

2.1.      Machines Operate

2.2.      Machines are Split Between Their Powers and Products

2.3.      Machines are Binary Machines:  Trans-Corporeality

3.         Alien Phenomenology

3.1.      Machines are Structurally Open and Operationally Closed

3.2.      Alien Phenomenology, Second-Order Observation, and Post-Vitalist Ethology

4.         Machinic Assemblages and Entropy

4.1.      Machinic Assemblages

4.2.      Assemblages and Individuals

4.3.      Extended Minds and Bodies

4.4.      Entropy


Part II: Worlds


5.         The Structure of Worlds

5.1.      Ecologies of Worlds

5.2.      Content and Expression

6.         Topologies of Time and Space

6.1.      Space

6.2.      Time

6.3.      Overdetermination

7.         Gravity

7.1.      The Gravity of Things:  Overcoming Occult Explanation

7.2.      Gravitational Relations Between Machines:  The Objects

7.3.      Subjects, Quasi-Objects, and Catalysis

7.4.      Happenings and Events

8.         Earth, Maps, and Practices

8.2.      Geophilosophy:  A Revised Concept of Nature

8.2.      The Three Dimensions of Geophilosophy:  Cartography, Deconstruction, and Terraformation