I don’t read other blogs nearly as much as I used to (unless someone links to something I’ve written, I barely notice what’s going on).  I think I sort of reached a point of exhaustion with the blogosphere, back in the day when the theory blogs were a beehive of activity (and often acrimonious debates).  There are, however, a few I keep track of pretty religiously.  If you’re looking for some great reading, look no further!  Here’s a few of them in no particular order.

Intra-Being:  Andre Ling’s blog is absolutely amazing.  Theoretically his a sort of mash-up of Latour, Stengers, object-oriented ontology, Deleuze and Guattari, and a host of others.  Aside from his consistent intelligence (and intellectual kindness!), Andre’s blog is particularly interesting because it’s directly related to his work with third world and impoverished farmers.  Ling is no remote academic just playing around with theory, but is someone who perpetually encounters the imperatives of the material world and cultural differences and who theorizes from this experience and practice.

Archive Fire:  I HATED this guy when I first met him and we had truly ugly and acrimonious debates.  As that has passed and over the years, he has become one of my most valued interlocutors and has had a tremendous influence on my thought.  It’s difficult to express just how much I’ve learned from him.  Coming from both a Merleu-Pontyian and Deleuzian background, Michael has developed a profound ecological thought, concepts such as “post-nihilism” and the “wilderness”, and has an interest in just about everything under the sun.  His critiques are generally incisive and his insights far reaching.  He’s another para-academic, outside the halls of the academy, and it shows in the high quality and spirit of freedom that characterizes his work.

Attempts at Living:  I’ve only come to know Arran James’s blog in the last year– and apparently we met when I was at Dundee earlier this year –but it is one of the best blogs I’ve encountered in years.  James works within the world of psychotherapy and this is reflected in his posts.  Thoroughly grounded in Freudo-Lacanian theory, as well as concrete patients, his writing is characterized by a passion for the problems of the clinic, a deep sense of ecology and politics, and a pervasive attentiveness to the relationship between theory and practice.

Noir Realism (formerly Dark Chemistry):  SE Hickmann, a computer engineer (or programmer?), hosts a blog that is obsessed with all things pertaining to the new realisms and materialisms.  He often presents careful readings of the material that he’s working through, coupled with generally generous critique.  While I don’t always agree with his readings– especially in the case of the accelerationists –this is a great place to learn about cutting edge theory and to think along with a first rate mind.

Footnotes2Plato:  Working within a very serious Whiteheadian framework, Matt Segall’s blog is devoted to process ontology, issues of spirituality, and questions of ecology.  While I disagree with nearly everything he writes– and sometimes get absolutely infuriated with him! –I’ve found my interactions with Matt to be incredibly valuable in helping my own thought to evolve (these days I’d count myself as a process philosopher, just not his type of process philosopher), and I just can’t help but having a deep affection for him because he’s such a nice and generous guy even in those moments of heated debate.  Apart from general quality of his thought and the value of his critiques, Matt fills me with hope because he shows that you can disagree and have heated debates without being an asshole or denigrating those you’re involved in dialogue with.  We need more of that.

Three Pound Brain:  This is the blog of novelist and neuro-ontologist (?), Scott Bakker.  Bakker’s novel Neuropath is probably one of the single most upsetting books I’ve read in years and has really forced me to confront of a lot of unpleasant and incredibly difficult questions.  In a lot of ways, Three Pound Brain is a sort of Anti-Footnotes2Plato.  Where, with the exception of a number of his regular participants, Footnotes2Plato is a blog environment characterized by a great deal of generosity and genuine delight in discussion, Three Pound Brain is often a very heated, “take no prisoners”, discussion space.  Think of a more sophisticated version of 4chan.  I don’t agree with a lot of what Bakker has to say about neurology, but if you want to learn a lot about neurology and contemporary philosophy of mind, and want to be faced with their challenges in the most forceful and challenging way possible, then this is the blog for you.  One of the finest virtues of Scott is that he has an incredibly thick skin, welcomes all criticism, and seriously and thoughtfully engages with it.

All of these blogs, I think, show a genuine love and enthusiasm for thought, a willingness to question and critique master-thinkers in the name of a pursuit of truth and getting things right, and aren’t characterized by a stuffy academic scholasticism or academism.  Anyway, these are what I’ve been reading yet.  Do others know of outstanding blogs worth reading?