the_stranger_by_muffinbob-d520ml9I won’t lie.  It’s very likely that philosophy makes us worse.  Morrison said that people are strange when you’re a stranger.  Philosophy does something far worse.  It makes you a stranger to everything and, above all, a stranger to that which is most obvious.  It makes everything strange, mysterious.  Philosophy problematizes.  We come to it seeking answers, but instead perplexities multiply like tribbles.  Everything becomes quicksand.   “Where before we thought we knew what we meant when we spoke of being, we now find that we are perplexed.”  That is the philosophical experience par excellence.  The philosopher is the universal stranger.  This is why there are so many stories of philosophers falling into wells.  However, perhaps becoming-worse is a sort of superior or great health; a health where one even wonders what health is…  A health where one wonders if they’re even human anymore.