mt_head_formation_foldI will be giving the keynote address at the Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee at 3:30 on Friday, February 19th.  The theme of the conference is “In Process”.  The title of my talk is “The Interior of Things”, but really this is somewhat misleading.  Rather, if I can pull it off I will be presenting the ontology of the fold where I argue that the minimal unit of being is not the thing or object, but rather thing and field.  Things are conceptualized as dynamic folds of the field of being.  In this way I hope to develop a framework that does justice to both discreteness (thing) and continuity (field) without falling into the difficulties of occasionalism and while also avoiding the undermining and overmining of beings.  As a process, beings are mobile folds like waves that are both individuals and continuous with the fields out of which they arise.  It seems that there is no better venue in which to introduce the ontology of the fold, for what is interdisciplinarity if not the folding of one discipline into another, generating unheard of forms of origami in which disciplines relate to one another through resonance?  I’m told that the talk is open to the public, so if you’re in the area and are interested, please drop by.  More information about the conference can be found here.