daily_jan12_2006_lambyTonight I’m having reheated homemade Lamb and Potato Curry or Gosht Masala based on this recipe, with basmati rice and naan. To the recipe I added a substitute of garam masala I found here because I couldn’t easily find the garam masala in my local stores , as well as jalapeno peppers. When cooking the lamb I first dusted it in flour and pepper before searing it. It was fantastic the first night on Friday, so I imagine, like all stews, it will be unbelievably toe-curling, orgasmically good tonight. The recipe is easy and straightforward for those who might be intimidated by Indian cooking. The cuisine of India is a bit like Hegel where philosophy is concerned: incredibly sophisticated, nuanced, and unfolding simultaneously on a variety of different levels. You could spend a lifetime studying it and still never exhaust or master it. Anyway, if you can get yourself some nice leg of lamb and are a bit adventurous, give it a try.