The DeLanda reading group is just about ready to take off. Right now, Gratton, Michael, Alex Reid, and Circling Squares are participating. My proposal is for each of us to write a post on each chapter (there are five chapters). If no one objects, I’d like to write on the first chapter. The chapters are as follows:

1. Assemblages against Totalities
2. Assemblages against Essences
3. Persons and Networks
4. Organizations and Governments
5. Cities and Nations

There is nothing that prevents two or more people from writing posts on each chapters (and hopefully we’ll get some fractal growth along these lines). In particular I’d be really delighted to see Scu and Ivakhiv, do some posts as I think DeLanda’s assemblage theory is particularly valuable for the first half of Scu’s dissertation (I also think he should put something together at some point on that work for Speculations), and because I think Ivakhiv is proposing an assemblage theory of his own. Anyway, now that things are coming together we should set up a schedule where posts take place every two weeks.