Riffing on my post from yesterday, Daniel of Being’s Poem with an extremely thoughtful post on the analytic/continental divide here. One of the things I’ve found so refreshing about SR is that it seems to be a move beyond the Continental/Analytic divide. I know Graham has been highly critical of this suggestion, but when I say this I don’t mean that Continental and Analytic thought have somehow been reconciled. What I mean is that SR seems to be neither. I don’t feel like an analytic or continental. I just feel like a philosopher. SR has features of both, but it’s a different way of doing philosophy than what we find in either domain. But above all, as Daniel suggests with respect to Analytic thought, SR seems profoundly more democratic than Continental thought. We aren’t mired in endless interpretation and submission to master-figures, but rather everyone can take up positions, critique positions, and even critique the positions of the master-figures. I think this is a huge improvement.